About us

2003. december 4.
My name is  Melinda.Csecserits
I always have had pets at home, cats from my childhood – I have been breeding them for a long time -, then hamsters, fishes, birds, newts, frogs, mice, and then dogs. Probably my affection to animals arises from that my father is a vet. It helped a lot to know the animals better.
I have been working with collies since 1984.

Since 1985 I have been participated in dogshows in Hungary and other countries as a guest or an exhibitor, as well as handler leading dogs of friends or strangers.

Since the I have been working as a ring secretary on the national dogshows (I’m an official/registrated ring secretary).
I was a dogtrainer in several dogschool from 1985 to 1992.
I’m an official tattoer of the Hungarian Collie Sheltie Corgi Club.
The first litter from Mayra & Elza was born int he spring of 1990.
I acquired a dog cosmetician diplom in 1991. Since then I work as a part-time  dogcosmetician.
1994 I passed the agility trainer exam and I finished a seminar for training of rescue dogs in Miskolc /by Mancs/ as well..
Since 1994 Duffy and me participated in agility competitons with results. Later I started with Kimbe.
1997  I passed the agility referee exam. I work as a referee in few competition.
Actually I’m interested in the training of the therapy dogs and their use in the practise.

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